Our History

The company of Nicola Benvenuti operates from 40 years in the field of the seeds for garden, forages, green fields and flowers. In the course of its experience it has acquired competence and professionalism in all the productions of seeds, distributing in particular way produced BEJO and SEMINIS. The attention is placed in mostly on the national products, even if the foreign field does not have nothing from less. The experience matured in the material finding much particular one, in a position to satisfying the requirements of the customers more demanding constitutes one of the key factors and the points of force. The market served from the company, as already pointed out, is also of foreign type and in particular it is focused in the European territory (France, Holland, Spain etc). The field of the seeds deals to you extremely is detailed, and this constitutes a specific peculiarity, and difference our company from the multinationals that yes are extremely specialized, but only in in little varieties of product.

Of fundamental importance it is then the service post-sale, mostly based on information of growing and maintenance of the systems. Our Company in fact is extremely careful to the national productions certified operating with European catalogue.

The company operates on national territory supplying some specific zones, at title of reference brings back a short directory of some of the areas we covered: